The Grand Canyon North Rim

This video really takes you to the North Rim Grand Canyon Life. – – Zuni RV Park


Experience the American Wild West Frontier from Zuni Park RV Campground


Staying at the Zuni Park RV Campground in Kingman, AZ gives you direct access to the state that defines the American Wild West Frontier.

Arizona is ripe with stories that romanticize the Old West. Picture cowboys and cowgirls swinging their lassos across sagebrush while grand monuments of red rock set the stage.



Listen to the hustle and bustle of mining towns teeming with activity brought on by gold fever. Zuni RV Park is conveniently located close to the main thoroughfares that take you back in time to some amazing places that give you a taste of the country’s history. – – Zuni RV Park

Driving an RV is, Even More, Fun with the Right Travel Accommodations

 Travel Accommodations route 66


Travel accommodations are usually the last thing on your mind when you are trying to enjoy your vacation. Stopping at attractions, enjoying the surroundings and the sights while gorging yourself on a food you can’t get back home…can all be so exhausting! When you need to take a break to recuperate for the next day’s adventures, take a stay at the Zuni Village RV Park off of Route 66. Whether it is simply for the night, the week or the month – Zuni’s rates are unbeatable.

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Accommodations are the last thing you need to be worrying with while having fun. Go enjoy yourself and choose the best. – – Zuni RV Park

Are you Looking for Comfortable RV Campgrounds?


 RV Campgrounds Kingman Train

There is nothing sweeter than finding the most comfortable of RV campgrounds while you are traveling along thrilling Route 66. With so much to do and take in while traveling along the Mother Road, there really is nothing sweeter than the sound of pulling into the spot that is your home for the night, the week or even the month. Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman is one of the most comfortable parks you will come across, offering all of the comforts of home and then some. When you are tired from a long journey or an exciting excursion, drop by Zuni Village and rest.  Zuni-village-RV-Park

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RV campgrounds are more fun when they are clean and comfy. Get comfortable at one of the best  Zuni Village RV Park. – – Zuni RV Park